17 April 2008

Whoever is happy will make others happy too.
-Anne Frank

{image torn from a magazine and added to my sketchbook.}


Kami said...

This post makes me happy!
Yay for happy!

P.S. Happy Blogging!

Jo said...

thanks for adding a bit of happy to my day:)

Joey Frost said...

I reread Anne Frank's diary every few years... she was an amazing girl with an amazing spirit. Thanks for this post today!

sonrie said...

great picture!

mary said...

I love this picture and quote! Just made my day.

melissa deakin said...

love this quote, marta.
i'm adding it to my quote book.
i hope all is well!

Pedaling said...

that's true isn't it?
what a wonderful quote. i will keep it in my mind today.
thanks for sharing.

Relyn said...

I, too, love this image and the quote. Thank you so much for sharing it. Good luck with your move.

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