17 October 2006

exhibit a

Exhibit A: Lash Exact Mascara
from Cover Girl

believe me, you'll never go back.
i read about this new mascara in Allure (in my opinion, the most riveting, up to date beauty mag out there). every year they publish The Best of Beauty: a contest of beautimous products wherein all the sassy Somebodies of the fashion/makeup world take a week off and delve into their duties of lathering up/polishing off/scrubbing down/primping pretty in order to discover the latest & greatest of both the sickening 'spensive and actually affordable items for the public to snatch up this season to steal a whole new look. i read about it,
bought their whole spiel, and decided sure, it's worth a try.
now, i completely and utterly love this product.

i've been a believer in the cute, infamous pink tube that has held the long standing BEST OF MASCARA awards around the nation, but it was letting me down and clumping my tender limp little lashes. i also have enjoyed BAD GAL LASH by Benefit which dear fashionista whit introduced me to. Though lovely, it has two downfalls,
it's not so conveniently available, number one and
number two it costs way more than it should.
at those prices, you're not feelin' so easy or breezy.
treat yourself today. this is no trick. it is fab-u-lash.
so, there are my two cents.
add a few bucks more and buy yourself your very own tube!

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