15 November 2006

guilty pleasures

access hollywood • special k with berries • oprah • basket loft • cheap buys at ikea (i miss you) • freezing soda for homemade slushees • falling asleep during movies • When Harry Met Sally (again & again..) • going to the post office to pick out stamps • sleeping in • reading fiction (my latest find: anita shreve) • late night infomercials • walking to the library • practicing my penmanship • lunch with the sistas • collecting cute collage clippings • cheerleading moves (keeping the dream alive) • john denver christmas • baskin robbins chocolate/peanutbutter • shopping at tj maxx • peach Propel • designing invitations • the MAC countermac computers • seinfeld reruns • dan's killer stir fry • jimmy chunga on 101.9 (the man i love to hate) • hoodies • second-hand finds • bubble baths • People magazine in the grocery aisle • stealing oreos from sam at work • Parent Trap / Freaky Friday (yes, the remakes and yes, both with miss lohan) • laughing with dan • riding bikes together • attempting to draw • planning parties that never actually happen • reminiscing with whit on her huge comfy bed • making mini cupcakes, mini muffins & mini loaves of bread (what can i say? mini is cute) • calling everything 'cute' - my letterpress teacher once told me never to call my art (or anyone else's) 'cute'. i told her it was not an offensive term, rather a term of endearment. cute is chic/sweet/petite.
i am not above cute • making lists

1 comment:

ali said...

YOU are cute, Marta. I love your blog times ten.

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