29 November 2006

look, ma!

my mom and i are pretty much unstoppable.

when it comes to shopping for Christmas, we can basically talk ourselves into anything and decide we will (gosh darn it) somehow make it work. we scoured the nation (well, Draper to be exact) for silver jingle bells. (somehow we got on a kick of pouring silver bells into a beautiful crystal bowl for a gorgeous centerpiece..) anyway, after that thought passed, we discussed polka dot Christmas, vintage Christmas, elegant Christmas,
Candyland Christmas and all other themes that caught our attention. {inevitably, we will both stick to our personal comfort zones, with which we will get too excited over - after unpacking our themed beauties from last year. she will go with the best, hands-down Christmas in Europe theme (since everything she buys is either from the foreign lands or is a knock-off of something that should be within a thatched roofed cottage in the Alps... she has an eye for all things twee - my new favorite word.) and i will do a collective hodge podge display that will be one hundred percent me.. with polka dots included and hope it comes out looking cheery.

today we went on a shopping excursion. there we were, mom n' me scuttling through items marked 40% off before December 1st.. i must have them.. don't know what
i'll use them for, but they are 'singing to me'- i need them - for what? i don't know.. but these tiny utensil ornaments are too adorable to pass up (tiny rolling pin/tiny masher/tiny strainer). first thought; perfect to attach onto gifts, perhaps on a batch of homemade cookies or a topper for a Newlywed gift. hmmm - if not this year, then maybe the next...

mom wasn't necessarily
seein' the vision.. but i knew they would come in handy, someday. it's all about potential. mom is amazing to take with you shopping, she could very well be my own personal shopper. she is always one to talk you in to purchasing something rather than rationalizing you out of it. she is upbeat, optimistic and fancy free. 'sure, it's just a trend - but hey you're in your twenties.. live it up!' Very fun, yet very dangerous to step inside any kind of boutique with her in tow! you will come out with a lightened wallet, yet a full heart of confidence that whatever item you just bought is totally going to change your world (at least for the time being). anyway, today at the register when i was doing the last minute talk to yourself, Do i really want this silly thing? she says to me, 'you'll think of something, you'll doll them up somehow...'

well, ma, i couldn't wait, i got out my tiny faux wreath and thought it'd be cute in the kitchen, above the sink (every self-respecting kitchen needs a window above the sink - finally, 4 apartments later - be it old/pathetically insulated/yet still charming, we've got what we dreamt of..) to dress this vintage kitchen window in style, a wreath right there would be grand... better yet, a kitchen themed wreath!! tie these new li'l babies on and we've got a tiny martha stewart special. now if only i had a tiny stainless steel Kitchen aid, then we'd be set.

thanks for talking me into it, ma. you're not only fabulous to shop with, you always make me feel like i can conquer anything i put my mind to. you have forever supported me one hundred percent, even if it comes out a bit disheveled - you'll say 'disheveled is the new polished'!

in my house, it's beginning to look a
little like Christmas...

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Travelin'Oma said...

I knew you would find a darling use for the utinsel ornaments! I love encouraging skittish spenders. When talents were passed out I got the one for shopping. My skills were honed in my youth by my mom who had fantastic style and taste, and my dad who loved spending money. It's a gift! I was trying to explain to Stie that if you are willing to spend $100 on something, and end up spending only $60, you have actually saved $40, and therefore you have $40 extra to spend. Eventually you end up saving tons of $$$ every time you go shopping! This is the gift I've tried to pass on to my own daughters. I think I've succeeded!

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