19 December 2006

five gold rings

on the fifth day of christmas...
no surprise here, tiffany & co. is ringing in the new year with some
very merry finds. who wouldn't want to slip one (or two) of these babies on her finger(s)!? five white gold rings and diamonds too! i'm not one to gush over gems, but boy are these beautiful. ice, ice baby.

for those on a more sensible budget this season, step on over to Urban for these simple
gold hoops (for your ever classic audrey gal pal) or perhaps these goldies with a hippie floral twist (for your hip & happenin' kate hudson friend).


jamieanne said...

If you think those rings are great, you should see the Christmas windows at Tiffany this year. They are delightful. I walk by them almost every day and adore all the lovely jewels.

marta said...

oooh.. i am so so jealous. i must admit, sometimes your life sounds like a magical movie! enjoy those windows for me. nyc is the real tinsel town, all dolled up & decked out for the season. anyway, i really can't wait to see you guys! have a safe flight.

Marty: said...

I like jewelry, but I think rings at Christmas symbolize more than diamonds. Ringing bells, ("you put the ring in my bell...")... What if you could put rings around the groups you love? Five golden rings....my siblings, Dee and me, my kids, my grandkids, my old, dear friends, my ward where I grew up, my aunts, my old Primary Presidency friends (including Jamieanne's mom!)...and suddenly I need a whole bunch more gold rings! Maybe I'll get some yellow hula hoops big enough for all my little groupies. Maybe I'll just think about it, and go try on real rings at OC Tanner.

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