23 December 2006

ten lords-a-leaping

on the tenth day of christmas, what better way to spread cheer than singing carols loud enough for the whole neighborhood to hear! oh yes, these karaoke lords were a-leapin' with such classics as Neil Diamond, Journey, and Jon Bon Jovi. my favorite tune of the night is a cross between rj's tribute to Johnny Cash and jer's rendition of 'Whip It' which seems to be the new La Bamba. many thanks tim, for another stellar night of stardom.
next year, No Scrubs returns. you hear that girls?!


ali said...

Oh, I hear ya! Wish I could have been there.

jamieanne said...

I would be honored to perform with you...that is if I am still worthy of such musical genius. Grant says Daniel is his favorite on the mic. Not that Daniel needs any reassurance to coax him into another performance.

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