18 January 2007

babysitting r us

thought this was too cute to pass up.
my friend & i were just chatting about how we used to babysit all the time (back in the simple days wherein the internet wasn't an option and there were no cell phones to text on & on about how bored you may or may not be). in babysitting, there is an unspoken rule which all teens seem to know: there are certain homes that are simply better than others. to all you 'hot moms' out there: cable is good and a plentiful treat supply is even better. of course, you already know this. these teens need something to munch on, otherwise myspace is likely to take over your place.
this little pad of paper might just come in handy.

"Don't Kill the Kids and other Babysitter Basics: Fill in the blanks and check the boxes to ensure peace of mind for both you and your sitter on your night out. (Make your babysitter chuckle at the same time, too.)"

you list-lovers will love these too...
note to self
make me happy
grocery list

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