19 January 2007

miss milly & more

how much more twee can you be.
this coat is what i call: 'el - cute - o'.
i've landed upon a glorious website. ripped from the pages of a magazine and plastered right there on your screen, you will jump for joy.


ali said...

That coat is to-die-for. But at $600? Man, oh, man. If only. :)

jamieanne said...

A great find indeed! I could peruse the web for cute clothes all day long. Much better than going out and walking around in sub-zero temps.

jamieanne said...

P.S. I can totally see you in that coat. It's very Marta-esque.

Marty: said...

If I had a million dollars...If I had a million dollars...I'd buy you this red coat,(but not a fake red coat, that's cruel). That's a cool song...I'll have to put it on a CD!

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