07 January 2007

o goodness

i am on a serious oprah high. i've been binging on this for the past few weeks. and i just now finished DVD #6 of the Oprah Anniversary DVD Collection. it ended with an intimate view behind the scenes of the oprah show. who knew there were so many people behind that set?! she has a full on spa at her Harpo studios.. dreamy. she brings her dog, Sophie, (perhaps the most famous pup there is) to work everyday and gets to work out, have a ginormous closet of goods and has her two guys (regis and andre) making her gorgeous each day while one of four of her assistants conveys her messages, her daily schedule and whether or not her new school in Africa should be entitled 'a school, a center, a program'. (she decided upon 'Center' as regis finished with her fake eyelashes. oprah has switched from the cheap eyelashes to the 'spensive kind. she has always worn fakes.) {i told you i've been seriously studying up. this is nuts. this kind of information isn't really good for anything. except for informing all of you on my blog.}

not only is her whole life intriguing to me, but like i was telling dan, i think we'd all just like to hear from the love of her life, steadman. man, that guy gets so little airtime. what would he say about the infamous miss o? that would the most popular show ever, if mr. steadman (AKA mystery man) got to spill his guts about her.

so the set of 6 dvds were completely bias, sort of a 'fall in love with oprah' hypnosis, and i have. she is such a genuine person. someone that everyone can feel at home with. just the fact that she has chosen to help so many is inspiring. i am a sucker for oprah. it's sad, yet so true. i even subscribe to her magazine. i feel like i am reading serious literature with the pounds of goods that overflow the pages. no fluff there. and the pictures in that magazine are hands down the best. whomever is her graphic designer/photographer/layout artist knocks my socks off. even if you don't like oprah in the least, O the mag is a feast for the eyes and a fabulous rip out collection for the collager's soul.

these dvds are jammed full of beauties like her favorite guests (ala julia, jude, brad, gwyneth & more), peek inside her homes, major headliners, hilarious moments, weight loss, and stories of everyday people that have made a difference to her. not to mention that the proceeds of this dvd collection goes to charity. she just rocks. and i think her secret is because she is true to who she is inside. she is attempting to be her best self. and no matter how many magazine covers she is on or how cheesy it may seem or how big her ego may or may not be, no matter how many roses/diamonds/waiters were at her legends luncheon & ball - she is awesome.

oprah is keepin' it real. she is real in herself. at least she seems to be for a billionaire. she is goodness. so i'm comin' out of the closet. i love li'l miss O. and you really should too.

what goes around comes around.

ps. feel like listening in? this is one of my favorite things. not to be missed.


Travelin'Oma said...

I can't handle it! Oprah may be genuine, but I get sick of her public display of affection for herself. I'm vastly impressed with her generosity and talent, etc. but she flaunts it. It bugs me that she doesn't believe in luck...she said the other day (of course I do watch occasionally) that if a person works hard they can achieve everything she's achieved. It just isn't true! There are tons of people working as many hours as she does, that would love to be generous and famous and rich but can't afford to sign their kids up for little league baseball. I would like her a lot more if she was a little less vocal about her greatness. On the other hand, I buy her magazine every month and devour it. So I must be a little O-struck!

jamieanne said...

Interesting...methinks I am somewhere between you and your mom on the O spectrum. I love her for what a good person she seems to be, for all the good she does, and for how good she occasionally makes me feel. Yet, I find myself frustrated with her too. Does she have to announce everything she does? Is it really possible to not know what Costco is for 40+ years of your life? Has she gotten so astronomically huge and pampered that she has truly forgotten where and whence she came from?
Maybe she is just good...not a great thing, but good thing. Oh dear, now I sound like Martha. And that is the subject of a whole 'nother blog entry!

Anonymous said...

How could you not LOVE Oprah? Just because she talks about all the good that she does, doesn't mean she isn't doing all of that good! Personally I LOVE hearing all about it. I just can't get enough.
Props to Oprah!

Anonymous said...

I also like Oprah and I love her 20th Anniversary D.V.D. set.

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