01 February 2007


32 random reasons i love dan

01. dan is a hardworker. he is the only person i know who could have lived as a pioneer and seriously enjoyed it; building log cabins and hunting for food included.
02. spontaneity. he has taught me the joy of a spontaneous date, campout, and the last minute party.
03. super friendly. dan always makes the waiter, the check-out girl, or the video store manager laugh.
04. dan never complains. he is an optimist, happy-go-lucky, give him the benefit of the doubt type of guy. he is the guy everyone wants on their team.
05. he is terribly kind, terribly cute & a terrible liar. he is always trying to trick me.
06. he says sweet, totally random things. for example, "Mart, you're the jam. And I'm the toast."
07. he knows every big hair metal band there ever was and always says, "Mart, I'll give you ten bucks if you can name this band." I always guess, "Poison" or "Whitesnake" and I never win.
08. i love the fact that he thinks every woman singer is Sarah McLachlan and/or a lesbian. he always says, "This is on Mirrorball" and he's rarely correct.
09. when dan does something, he puts his whole heart into it.
10. dedicated & dependable. he is pretty much the go-to, get the job done right kind of a guy.
11. when i get home from a long day of work, he tells me to go 'put my dogs up' - ordering me to lay on the sofa while he whips up something delicious. he cooks chicken like nobody's business. i may be the baker, but he is definitely the chef at our house.
12. dan is genuine. i love that he is 100% dan - no matter what.
13. he is an avid reader. in all of his books, you'll find a small white piece of paper with a list of words written down that he has looked up in the dictionary. he is full of handy information with an excellent vocabulary.
14. he loves nature and appreciates the most simple things in life. i always think that when the world falls apart and the dotcom universe crashes and cell phones stop working and technology is obliterated.. he'll be the guy completely unaffected.
15. he prefers navy blue.
16. has excellent taste - classic & traditional. i can always guess which painting/necktie/font he will choose. he's high class while being extremely low key.
17. he is the absolute best date to take anywhere (ie. the theater, a museum, the skating rink, a pizza joint, the beach, a ramen shop, the 7-11, a dance party, Oktoberfest, barnes & noble, Japan, Paris...)
18. he loves to exercise. i know, it's crazy but true.
19. he teases me left & right and makes me laugh everyday.
20. he is the king of the skating rink. i fell in love with him all over again once i saw his moves.
21. i think you'll agree, he does a phenomenal neil diamond.
22. i love when he speaks Japanese in a deep-Japanese-man-voice. (jamie, i think you know what i'm talking about.) i can hear it in my head and it makes me laugh.
23. his gyoza recipe is to die for.
24. i honestly think dan could make it on Broadway. (not that he wants to, just that his wife always had this dream to live in nyc and sees some serious potential..)
25. is ecstatic when he gets to sleep in his north face sleeping bag.
26. he finds the good in everybody.
27. dan loves outdoor gear/ski stuff/guns/the armed forces/pizza/mountain dew and all other completely 'pure boy' stuff.
28. i love that i know our little boys are going to look just like him someday. he has got the best big beautiful eyes out there.
29. he is highly knowledgeable and opinionated about almost everything. he is the guy people call up to ask about everything from which candidate to vote for to what ski bindings are suitable to which vinegar is best. (rice vinegar.. hands down.)
30. dan is very strong - but often lets me win arm wrestles.
31. he is trustworthy.
32. he is my most valued possession.

happy birthday, babe.
xoxo.. marta


ali said...

Happy birthday Danny D! (via Marta's blog.)

What a wonderful tribute, Marta. Dan has so very many phenomenal qualities. He is always helpful, is super smart, and likes the Bomb burrito. And he's totally Shauna's son, which means he has good manners and good taste. Plus, he's a good friend.

jamieanne said...

I read this whole thing with a smile plastered across my face, occassionally laughing out loud. I will forever have a mental picture in my head of Daniel bossing you and I around in animated Japanese! Good times.
I love how much you truly appreciate Daniel.

Hap-hap-happy Day Dearest Daniel!

P.S. Is he really 32? Cuz he sure doesn't act like it. Definitely young at heart.

Travelin'Oma said...

Dan was seriously the best choice you ever made!

whit said...

Happy Birthday Dan!! Mart..you and Dan are a dream boat couple. Both of you combine make a perfect pair.

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