21 February 2007

it's a wrap

love j crew. it sings spring to me.
am loving the scarves & this cute tuxedo shirt.
the head wrap is a favorite easy hairstyle.
me-wishes i lived near the shore so i could throw
a clambake and wear one of these.
perhaps i'll have to sport mine to lagoon.
i crave summer; see for yourself.
three cheers for pretty & preppy.


jamieanne said...

Fashionable idea for those of us who wash our hair on a weekly basis. Good idea.

Anonymous said...

i've always loved jcrew, but i've found that with the change in management (didn't the Gap CEO moved to jcrew a few years ago?) they've just gotten better and better. most of my wardrobe comes from jcrew or is jcrew inspired! i know there are so many anthro fans out there, but how i love my coloured chinos and tees. :)

Travelin'Oma said...

I've worn head wraps for years, but I called them bandanas. If I change the name will I be stylin?

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