24 February 2007

more than a simple photo opportunity

calling all photographers..

over at Crust Station, i read a very intriguing post and think it's definitely worth spreading. to make a long story short; you, yes YOU could have your snapshot hung in a museum in switzerland. the Musee de l'Elysee Lausanne to be precise. the gallery will be choosing 100 random amateur shots a week, framing them and hanging them in the spotlight. this show wants to feature "the rapid mutation of amateur photography in the digital age."

go ahead. be a star. (scott, ali, pete, brad.. i think this means you.) upload now. if your piece does not get chosen for wallspace, your uploaded photos will be shown on a projector among thousands of others, still that would be something to shout about..

more about the jpeg magazine show.
'i have a piece featured in a show in Switzerland..' ooh la la.


Anonymous said...

You promote this opportunity much better than I :)
I love your work by the way, very lovely journals and graphic art. Will you be submitting an entry?

ali said...

Ali? Yeah, right.

But I hope to see you jump on it, Mart.

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