13 February 2007

trolley square shooting

the shooting that took place in salt lake city, utah last night was at a shopping mall only a few blocks from our house. in an open-fire, random shooting there were five people killed, along with the gunman, and multiple others wounded, not to mention the hundreds that were witnesses. i was glued to the tv, listening to the breaking news all night and could not believe this had happened in our community. i feel torn up about it and so saddened for those who experienced the pure terror of the event. what a horrid thing to go through. i ache for the small children who saw the mad chaos and shuffling of people, screaming, hiding, and running for their lives.

my friend drove me home from work only an hour before the shooting, we drove right past the mall. we ate lunch at the Spaghetti Factory only days ago. moments like this, you realize how precious life is, how dear the details of life truly are. i know this community will unite and be strong for those who were affected. my heart goes out to the families suffering for their extreme losses.

i will try to keep this link up to date, but this is the best article i've found once the police put the pieces all together about the horrific events of last night. here is another article, describing a heroic store owner helping others to safety. more in national news.


Anonymous said...

What a small world this is. I have been involved in the Free People V-day swap and was just reading your intro, clicked on your blog to find the same story I experienced myself last night. I live just north of Salt Lake and as we had dinner last night at Tepanyaki, my family and I watched the TV at the restaurant in horror as the awful events unfolded. I agree with you that life is so precious. As we were considering where to eat, The Spaghetti Factory was mentioned. Luckily, we chose to stay up north.
I was so sad this morning as I read in the SL Trib, and the Des News, the entire play by play nightmare that these poor people suffered through. I was mostly upset to see the photo both papers chose to publish of one of the victims laying on the ground next to a police officer during the shoot out. I thought of her family members and wondered why each paper would be so insensitive as to show this heartbreaking image with the world. There were also some pics of the littles ones you mentioned and the looks of complete fear on their little faces.
I was so impressed with those who lived near Trolley Square who opened their homes to total strangers who were standing outside in the cold. One young couple and their small baby imparticular, had around 30 people in their tiny house.
I agree that our little community will band together and create a feeling of safety and security for those involved. All those involved with be stronger for their experience.

Travelin'Oma said...

You put together some good articles. Thanks for helping us stay up to date. It's really a horrible thing, and it reminds me that life should not be taken for granted and loved ones should know they're loved. You are!

marta said...

mindy, thanks for your comments. i agree with you and hope you and your loved ones have a nice Valentine's Day tomorrow. your website is adorable and i love the little bag you made! wow, can't wait to see more of your creations!

ali said...

Well said, Marta. I'm happy you didn't decide to pop by Williams Sonoma for some Mariebelle on your way home.

I couldn't agree more with Mindy: I was appalled to see that photo in the papers. No family member or friend should see that. Incredibly insensitive and definitely heartbreaking. Great observations.

jamieanne said...

This is even making headlines here in NY. Everyone asks us about Trolley Mall. Heartbreaking sadness.

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