16 March 2007

all you listies, say "aye"

it's friday. i can barely concentrate. the sun is shining. the grass is growing. life is beautiful and i am almost, practically, only-two-days-away from being on vacation. the to-do list in my head is calculating itself again and again.

my mind has a spacious, lovely walk in closet {think meryl streep's office in Devil Wears Prada - white & pristine while artsy & interesting} with rows of neatly piled, color-coded drawers that hold my thoughts. otherwise these thoughts would roll around and lurk and drive me mad. if i think of something important, while walking down main street to the bank, i mindfully jot it down and file it away in hopes this notion will actually help me to remember this or that or the other. am i the only one like this?!

i am a listie. what can i say? i used to write notes to friends in high school; the words would go up and down in columns, shopping list love letters. strange but true. i never thought it was strange until my high school boyfriend said that he'd always remember that fact about me. hmmm. just random. wonder if he still remembers.

am window shopping today:

perfectly preppy, found here.
am browsing here.
would buy these for my sisters.
interested in these.
thinking this is the cutest thing ever. {i just love her.}


Travelin'Oma said...

I must have inherited this from you. I, too, love lists. Did you know that it's a sign of reading readiness if a child recognizes the difference between a list and a note? Just a random bit of info.

jamieanne said...

I am the ultimate lister...especially when it comes to going out of town. I list, list, list, list my little heart out.

Heidi said...

I list, but that hasn't made me as organized as you. You do have a special mind that is able to organize a lot! My thoughts still roll around in my mind so long until it makes me crazy. Then I list. I'm impressed with myself that I can retain some things out of nowhere (i.e. Dustin England's b-day is Feb. 10), but I still question my own home phone number - forget about even adding my cell number to the mix. Why is that? Would you put on a Sista Seminar?

Polly said...

One of my favorites in my 50th book Whit made for me is your list. I love the way you put thoughts together in just a few words

Anonymous said...

You are so not alone. I hadn't realized that's how my thoughts were organized until I read your post.


and yes (head hanging) I too am a list maker. wait. that's a good thing! putting my thoughts down in some semblence of order!!!

love, love, love the blog.

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