06 March 2007

head gear

my head is in the clouds these days and i am dreaming of all the new spring accessories in stock. wrap your head around all the lovely varieties.

a serious headband haven.
a plethora of pretties.
and the ever polished turtoise.

if your inner domestic diva is intrigued here is a happy new craft to try, thanks to heather. download a free, hip headband template here. more handmade headbands here.

cute redhead pic via hearts & needles.


kelly said...

cute! i wish i could wear head bands. When we were in SLC we visited nordstroms, and they had just set out this entire table of head bands. We spent a good 15 minutes trying them all on. I managed to walk away with 3 or 4, and yet... I still haven't worn one. I think they make my head look funny.

anna jo said...

I *heart* head bands! Unfortunately, my head doesn't quite *heart* them back. I have to wear very thin ones, and even those don't sit quite right... it is very sad to my heart.

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