28 March 2007

just call me gidget

here is the photo shoot dan shot of me at the beach. {so happy to be back where we used to spend every saturday last year..} he kept saying, 'go in a bit deeper, perfect, great.. keep going..' sure, i'll do anything to be the center of attention, but somehow the ocean ended up swallowing me. while lapping up the picturesque moments, i almost thought i heard tyra say, 'girl, you look fierce..' the top pics are me trying to tease the waves & losing. you'll see they got the best of me & my jeans.

the bottom pic is me running towards dan, freezing my buns off, mid-sentence, 'you are so gonna get it..' - about to pull him in too. once miss jay sees these, i'm toast and will be voted off in a flash, but hey there's always next time.

in the meantime, i am simply discovering my inner gidget.


Christie said...

You make a perfect Gidget, and Dan could be your Moon Doggy (wasn't that her boyfriend's name?) LOVED that show!

jamieanne said...

Whaaat? These photos are sooo great! Love them, and I bet miss jay would give you an A for effort!

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