01 March 2007


march madness. it begins. today.

today has been an excellent way to begin my month of madness. {and when i say 'madness' what i really mean is a month stocked full of inspiration, motivation, and movement toward my goals.}

today i completed a few projects, deadlines met (hooray) and had lunch with a group of oh so talented ladies (whom i think i will learn a lot from...) at a cool little restaurant, One World Cafe (41 S. 300 E., Salt Lake City) wherein they have no menu and no cash register. delicious food is set out, cafeteria style, they dish up a plate and you pay whatever you feel your meal is worth. what a new way to eat! surely an eye-opening experience, thanks for introducing it to me, mindy. i love when people push the envelope and work outside of the box. volunteers work there and i think the food is donated too.

dan has even handed in his brief. it's a big 2L (2nd year law student) paper wherein a lot of research, rules and regulations apply. it doesn't sound like too much fun, so i simply provided the treats (cupcakes with sprinkles) and left him alone. we've had an intense house of silence, trying to get our projects done. so today we begin with clean slates & renewed resolutions. after jamie's review, i've been feeling that i should indeed do the same. i suppose i should take a glimpse at what they were to begin with.

this month i hope to:
01. keep creating. make more. do more. learn more.
02. begin serious spring training. reward myself with mini clippy ipod.
03. snap more photos. (it didn't take long, i have fallen for flickr. it's a mini community all in itself, and not even a gated one - you are all invited. i've been introduced to some amazing new friends. i highly recommend joining the club.)
04. read another interesting/intriguing novel.
05. take a vacation.
06. eat right. (my february self says to finish that sentence with 'now' but my new march self is going to put a period at the end of the sentence and close the freezer to that phrase. ice cream is not the enemy, it can be my friend. i just need to put a restraining order on it; pursue a more sophisticated, once-in-awhile type relationship with it.)
07. finish designing jewelry website.
08. host girl's night. for reals this time.
09. write more.
10. celebrate spring with a shopping spree. {whether it be anthro or target, shopping is shopping. i get an especially cheap thrill in the dollar aisle at target. i can hardly contain myself! i know you know what i'm talking about, and if you don't, you need to check it out. i wish i had a mac widget updating me on the seasonal goodies in those $1 target bins. (this weekend, my guess is early Easter paraphernalia.) i once got these awesome round magnetic holders - they are brilliant for spices, paperclips, tacks, etc. surely i'll usually jump at what dan would call the, 'cutesy crap' aka mini goods for the mini people in my life i.e. nieces & nephews. i love that kids can attach themselves to the silliest possessions. what could be nicer than a fluffy pink pen or teeny tiny terrycloth flipflops?! perhaps it's me who attaches to the small ornaments in life, so i share the love with high hopes they too will love Hello Kitty as much as i.}


Amy said...

Tell us more about those talented ladies you went to lunch with. . .who are they?

ali said...

I'm big on #8. Please do, and invite me. :)

I love the dollar aisle at Target too. I got a bunch of sorta nice glass plates in that gloriously cheap section and they're great for get-togethers. So, what I'm saying is, I can bring the plates.

anna jo said...

so you're not talking about pumping iron with jim for march madness?

marta said...

nim, i'm glad you asked! these ladies combine their talents/skills/awesomeness to create such a fabulous website. They sell their goods and also give portions of the profits to those in need. i will surely be writing more about them and this exciting new endeavor in joining them.

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