04 March 2007

a pinch of pepper

these photos are my favorites from my brother pete's wedding in september. pepper nix (an incredibly spunky & fun personality) is a friend of his, and her snapshots are deliciously colorful. she truly captured the blissful moments of that blessed day. i met her briefly and noticed how her happiness for life seems to be contagious. i only wish she had shot my wedding too!

with the light in their faces, anna could be a goddess. so so pretty. i especially love the photo taken from behind, right after they were married, with my dad's hand (unmistakable) on pete's shoulder. and that snapshot of the final goodbye, runaway to Europe with raining birdseed. just glorious.

pete actually designed pepper's new website. i think it fits her fresh, innovative style perfectly.


anna jo said...

three chears for pepper! she is amazing! I wouldn't have wanted it any other way... thanks for the cute blog!

Marty: said...

Fun blog! Awesome website!

mama jo said...

those are beautiful

ali said...

Way to go, Pete! I'm especially fond of the "Hot Pepper" link.

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