11 March 2007


next week we'll be in southern california. hip hip..

cheap manicures, crazy traffic, hip boutiques, wild blooming birds of paradise, lovely skies, overpriced cupcakes... here we come. i am picturing a dreamy/relaxing week away from the hustle & bustle of life in general. dan deserves a fabulous spring break and luckily i get to accompany him. i can't wait to find glorious new places and reunite with ol' favorites.

here is my wishlist shopping/dining itinerary.
feel free to fill in the gaps with your own favorite california hot spots, i'd appreciate the input.

old friends:
plum's cafe (coconut french toast w/ papaya & strawberries)
zara/sephora/nordstrom (five stars) @ south coast plaza
urban outfitters @ the lab
trader joe's (i love this store)
anita's burgers
crate & barrel
wahoo's tacos
el torito grill (best mexican restaurant)
ikea (think of it as a head start..)
panera bread
in n' out
mentatsu (dan's favorite ramen shop)
american apparel @ huntington beach
anthro & forever 21 @ fashion island
roger's gardens @ corona del mar

can't wait to meet:
the reform school
the crab cooker @ newport
sprinkles cupcakes
pinkberry (delightful website)
beach berries
sugar paper
the original pantry


anna jo said...

a vee-dub, a surf board, and the vast blue ocean. what more could you want in life? I envy you and the sunny coast.

Anonymous said...

The Crab Cooker will make you so happy, go for the Halibut, or if you want to go somewhere, just go inside and order clam chowder, shrimp cocktail by the pound, and fisherman's bread, than go eat on the beach. We have been eating there every summer of my life, I can't wait til July when we go again! Also try a milkshake from Ruby's at the end of the pier, personally I think chocolate banana is the absolute best, but you can't go wrong with any of them(plus you burn a ton of calories making the trek to the end of the pier and back).

Travelin'Oma said...

Kenny the Printer...

kelly said...

we're excited to see you... and if you need a friend for any of your adventures, I've got all the time in the world.

the best ruby's shake is black forest, I'd have to say!

-K- said...

The Apple Pan for burgers.

Yes, Traders Joes is a great place to shop.

The one time I went to Sprinkles, it didn't seem all that special.

My favotite cheap Mexican place is Baja Fresh (numerous locations).

ali said...

The Reform School?! I'm expecting a full report, so I can live vicariously through you. Blogs are great for that.

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