09 March 2007

a spring tease

tempting. oh so tempting.
every time i watch Sliding Doors, where gwyneth chops off
her long locks and dyes them blonde, i am sold.

photo via who/what/wear daily


Nimmy said...

It's the best thing I've ever done. Do it Min! Join the pixie club.

mary elizabeth said...

so cute!! I don't think I would ever be daring enough to do it though :S

p.s. I hope its ok, but I added your blog onto my blog ... its under blogs i heart :D I also posted your card site too!

Marty: said...

Oh, good. I'm in. In case my other comments didn't make it, I love the short blonde look. I love the short cut on anyone!

Kelly said...

i was thinking & discussingthis with jeff. i did it once, and loved it! for a little while that is. but then i got bored of it, and it took so long to grow. i've tempted recently as well, but what if i hate it in a week! maybe i'll just get a wig, like aunt polly.

Joy said...

I always feel the same way - and it's one of my favorite movies to boot - but, sadly, I am not Gwyneth Paltrow...

Cute pics, though!

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