25 March 2007

up up and away

there is no place like home. we are back from the land of sunny CA. the roadtrip: relaxing, the company: hilarious, the skies: cerulean, the musical: wicked, the beaches: bare, shopping bags: full, my smile: wide.

such wonders to show & tell. i even thought about you a lot. hope you had a chance to celebrate spring too. i have been replenished with a bounty of ideas that hopefully will get rolling soon. but for now, i must reap in the sunday bliss, simply soak in the last moments of vacation. we took a lot of photos of our spring break adventures. now all tucked into our digital album, you can take a peek.

ps. ali, thank you, thank you for hosting / creating / inviting / blowing up the big balloon brigade / etc. for the fabulous photo shoot with friends. it truly was uplifting in more ways than one. if you missed this outing and would like to be part of the new-found photo club, we'll be having more field trips soon.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Your vacation photos made me want to be there. This photo with the balloons is amazing!

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