19 April 2007

blissful wishful swap

you know when you see something in a shop window.. think it's pretty and immediately want it, desire it, love it... but then every time you happen upon it, you somehow talk yourself out of actually purchasing it and place it back in it's darling display {because you know you really, truly don't actually 'need' it but the 'wanting' it keeps bringing you back}?

that is exactly how i felt about this little blank book designed by jill bliss. i've seen it in a few shops here & there (most recently in LA at the Reform School) and thought it was downright perfect - handy dandy, with a distinct design & splendid in every which way. but i have so many blank books in my house, adding to the collection every time i bind another quote journal, it becomes a very sad justification why i should in fact not buy journals just on a whim.. so i let my mind forget about it. attempting against my greedy feelings of the gimme gimmes.

sometimes things work out mysteriously.. the happiness of it all is that today of all days, this very journal (the one i've been almost-gonna-buy-it every-time-i-see-it) arrived in my postbox. my journal swapper, Jennifer sent it to me and i couldn't be more happy. how did she know? fate i suppose. i ripped open the pretty package and said, 'oooh... i've always wanted this!' {suddenly becoming a giddy ten year old on Christmas Day.}

thank you! i am thrilled with my newfound journal {it will be my favorite summer paperback}.

ps. i loved the postage art too. i couldn't help but notice the stamp featuring Rainbow Bridge of southern Utah. i adore details. little did you know that my husband and i enjoy visiting that beautiful site. thanks for your extra touches. a very successful swap indeed. two down, one more (mellow) to go..


Travelin'Oma said...

The stamp collage is really cute!

jax said...

I traded in my filofax for this Jill Bliss notebook and use it for all of my client meetings - each decorated page makes me smile inside!

Anonymous said...

Oh Marta I'm thrilled that you like it! I had hoped that you would...it just seemed like so much fun. As for the Utah stamp...I did put it there on purpose, but didn't know that you'd actually been there! Enjoy! Your blog made me smile and do a little happy dance of my own!

love.boxes said...

Love this! I got my lovely swap items from your mello + yellow swap yesterday. They are so fun! Thanks again for doing that, it was a blast!

Karen Beth said...

What a beautiful journal! I love it!

I'm curious... where do you find all of the neat swaps that you participate in? I'd LOVE to get into more. I've recently done a few and have participated in some on Etsy but would love to get into some more reliable ones. If you could point me into a good direction, I'd appreciate it.

Again, thanks for all of the work you put into mellow + yellow!


Karen Beth :)

Vedrana M. said...

it must be destiny :) beautiful journal!

Anonymous said...

I am new to your blog, but intrigued by this swap thingy. How does it work?

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