03 April 2007

circa 1928

not only am i fond of the girl in the photo and her genuine smile in this seemingly impromptu portrait, but i adore the cursive message on the backside; written from a true friend.

"Dear Sam,
Don't you think this is a darling picture of your wife?
I was afraid to send it to her because she might
have destroyed it before you saw it..." (ca. 1928)

{found this photo among my saved projects. i scanned it once for someone's family history. sadly, i cannot even site my sources. though i suspect, whoever she is, this woman loved the person who stood behind the camera snapping this shot.}


Anonymous said...

So Great.

Sarah said...

What a great photo, I wish I knew the whole story!

Thank you for sharing it.

I'm A said...

Thank you for posting this. It made my day!

Anonymous said...

Just stumbled over here from operation paper-cut and love your site. Such pretty things, great photos, and lovely words. And I especially love this photo--old postcards and photos, especially with words, are just so wonderful-- little time capsules that I can't help pouring over.

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