26 April 2007

in her shoes

ever since i was in high school, i have imagined it exhilarating to step inside the shoes {or better still, Manolo Blahniks} of a magazine editor.

can't you just imagine trying one lovely, fabulous, free, new product after another?!! Allure is by far one of the best beauty magazines i've found. my favorite issue of the year is October, The Best of Beauty edition. i have purchased their top picks and been {literally} tickled pink at the winners. this beauty team is one to trust. if you missed last year's issue, here is the Best of Beauty Master List. be sure to have a pen at the ready, you'll want to jot down your faves on the nearest grocery list.

ooh la la. and check out this video clip. yes, a day in her shoes would be dreamy.


Em said...

I Love that clip! How do we get that job Mart? How fun!

Regina Clare Jane said...

I love Allure, too. It's really the only beauty mag I will spend money on these days...

love.boxes said...

I will have to check that out. :)

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