25 April 2007

original design + handmade detail

swap no. 2 completed. lovely katherine received my latest Quote Journal yesterday for the Create a Connection journal swap. she seems to enjoy inspirational quotes just as much as i do, so i figure the page by page quotations inside will add to her wordy collection.

if you'd like a handmade journal for yourself, i am proud to say they are now for sale online! {hip hip hooray..} onewishworld.com is a website dedicated to spreading goodness and peace. "Our dream - world peace, pure love, one heart. We bring to you unique gifts made with the perfect combination of hand, heart and soul."

mindy (whose creations are terribly cute + inventive) has combined a handful of talented women for a collection of items which are one of a kind and made from scratch. the aprons are adorable, the jewelry is sparkling, the art is unique with homespun fun. i truly am thrilled to be apart of it. thank you, mindy for giving me the opportunity!

so feel free to spill your heart + write your wishes.

journal covers will vary, due to paper supply. have a certain style in mind?
not to worry, i specialize in custom orders. simply contact me via marta{at}martacards{dot}com.


Kelly said...

yeah! your journals are absolue fantastic! I love love love them. they are always so absolutely beautiful! The paper you use, your bindings, and all those quotes! oh my! i am so glad too hear you have teamed up with such wonderfully talented people!

Christen said...

Marta~ I just received my package from Kelly and what do I find but one of your adorable journals inside...Lucky me! I am so glad I participated in the swap it was tons of fun. Kelly seems so sweet! I posted pics on my blog of my gorgeous green gifts she sent me for all to see!

Your journals are truly amazing... you are so talented!

ann said...

Where do you find your beautiful papers?

marta said...

thank you for the kind comments. i collect papers from a variety of places. lucky for me, utah is filled to the brim with paperie shops. it's dangerous, but shopping for paper + ribbon is my true indulgence.

Mindy said...

Marta, We are truly thrilled to have you! You're journals are amazing, so happy to be able to showcase them on the site. I look forward to lots of beautiful, colorful creations from you, filled with just the right words of inspiration!

kat said...

I'd love to see the inside of the books :) I don't know if you know this, but all my TaylorBooks have quotes on each page... but they are done small on the sides. Are you're large? Or are they done small and on the edges? Just curious :) they look beautiful!

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