30 April 2007

let the sun shine in

my mellow + yellow swap delivery has landed in pennsylvania for carey. {i'm hoping these items were not only mellow but a tad cheery too.} thanks to everyone who participated. honestly, i was/am happily stunned at the response. i am delighted so many joined in. i have met a whole bowlful of new friends. and for those of you who missed this swap op, i promise to host another in the future.

my mellow + yellow included:
+ tea towel, lovely for hanging
+ honey spoon, perfect for resting
+ quote journal, to mellow the mind
+ lemon verbena body scrub, for a handful of {guilt free} sugar
+ lemon candies, for a desk drawer sweet
+ key chain, for a li'l monogram bling

photo by carey, merci.

when i was thinking up mellow + yellow, i could just imagine the rainbow of photos that would ensue. well, my dream came true. see them here. such creative ideas. i love seeing the effort, thought & imagination in each swap. you've all swapped me an idea or two!! thank you.


jess said...

This looks like it was a great swap...I'll keep an eye out for your next one!

Sarah said...

Seriously Marta THANK YOU! This swap has been so awesome. Love all the new blogs I have discovered and friends I have made. You should be very proud of this success!

ali said...

Cute, cute! Love the monogram bling: it's yellow gold!

kelly said...

it's all so very very cute! I absolutely LOVED the swap experience... very fun for my first one. I loved what I got, I loved being able to give. thanks thanks thanks.

nikole said...

such cute things! i hope to be part the one you host in the future~

sarah cool said...

Just saw your promise to swap again!! :-) :-) Ignore my other comment! Am LOVING the blog! Beautiful & lovely!

k8 said...

So bummed I missed this, crossing my fingers that you do it again!!

Anonymous said...

I loved this and got such beautiful items! How do I share the picture with you?


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