19 April 2007

wanted: fashion publishing intern

this is one of my favorite blogs. there is nothing i like more than getting the inside scoop. especially from an 'inside source'.. so when i spied an opportunity for 2 lovely ladies to cruise 'inside' the world of stilettos, photo shoots, fashion shows & VIP pass rope necklaces, my heart leapt. after much consideration, i've gone ahead and decided to decline the offer {via this post} and let you in on this tidbit of information. there is an open position for an Fashion Insider Intern!!!

hurry, email your stylin' resumes quick. you know it's going to be one heck of a kitty cat fight. more fashion intern 411 here. plus, if you're picked you'll be sittin' pretty in Prague.


Travelin'Oma said...

Can you be an intern if you're 40 years past student? I think it would be fun!

love.boxes said...

I would love to sit pretty in Prague... how fun!

Annie said...

hi marta,
i'm stie's friend & frequently read your blog. Saw you on decor8's blog today! Very cool!

Anonymous said...

How nice of you to post this! I can't wait to see who applies. :-)


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