22 May 2007

100 miles

father and son, E & D cycled the Salt Lake Century saturday afternoon. after hearing that dan decided, last minute, to join the 100 mile bikers, my mom exclaimed to me, "Min, this is what you should be blogging about!! He's incredible.." i couldn't agree more.

congrats to two classy guys. {thanks for letting me get in on the post-race jamba.} and mom, you're right. every time dan says something clever {smart, witty, or charming} which is morning, noon and night... i say, 'you should so have a blog.' people would swarm. maybe the first step would be to let him host a guest post on m.writes.. just to get him hooked.

this, this and this gorgeous photo can be found on this gorgeous website, Jef Maion Stock. i love the idea of purchasing stock photos from actual photographers with actual factual talent. simply swell: a new bin to delve into for inspiring images.


Krista said...

i love that Jef Maion Stock website...great pictures! how do you find this stuff? Thanks!

Robin said...

Cool, my dad rode the Century Ride this year, too. He's done it probably 15 times. Go cyclists! If Dan likes cycling paraphernalia, check out my dad's website, www.biketies.com; he makes/sells ties, also wristbands that say "one less car."

I'm Andrea said...

those pictures are gorgeous. very good find indeed.

Marty: said...

Dan is The Man. But his dad is pretty amazing, too.

love.boxes said...

I love the idea of doing something like this.

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