25 May 2007

am inspired..

i've been so blogly inspired lately. i really can't keep it all for myself. i have to credit (and thank) those who get my mind churning like butter. here is a list of my latest favorite inspirationals.

am loving this. {with a passion for purses, why not?}
thinking this & this are so sweet.
the last two paragraphs make me want to get up and create.
an inventive olive green print
exquisite type & creative logo designs via black eiffel
the color in these photos are ice cream cones on a porch swing.
business card design via Illustration Friday
am excited about everything sjp and know i will love this via lacey.
if i knew how to sew, i'd attempt to make these on sunday.
this scene in Stranger than Fiction. "i brought you flours."
inspired by all kinds of graffiti,
especially the legal, pretty kind.
am saving my pennies for a custom spool.
think photography like this is oh so cool.
am loving this strawberry fields summer luncheon.
found someone after my own heart.
i am still in awe of this.

am inspired by this cute family, (an especially gorgeous photo).
{hoping she gives birth to my twin nieces asap - for her sake and mine.}

happy memorial day weekend. am hoping you are inspired...


Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the terrific links!
Happy lonnnggg Memorial Weekend :)

joslyn said...

it is such a happy day! i am so happy our nieces have arrived.

Mindy said...

I just took the time to click on every single highlight...needless to say...I am completely and utterly inspired!

What a great way to start off my long weekend...thanks Marta! You really are the best!

Melissa said...

So much fun stuff to look at! Thank you!

little special said...

"i brought you flours" was one of the sweetest lines i've heard in a long time - it got me quite emotional, is that sad!?!

loving the links too!


VDOprincess said...

Thanks so much for the link! I'm especially glad you did because somehow I hadn't run across your lovely blog before, and it is the wonderfulness! I'm completely enjoying checking out your other inspiration.

eshu said...

you know what's so interesting about those last two paragraphs you linked to on annplified.com... i've been thinking lately i write too much about myself on my blog and that i should be linking more to other people and other art... it's an interesting perspective to consider...

these are great links, so nice to be able to point out so many things that inspire you!

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