02 May 2007

baskins babe

best news all day. jim just informed me that tonight is baskin robbins 31¢ scoop night {he also just taught me the html code for that 'cent' sign. what a great guy to have around. he is single, girls..}

scoop night is just in time for the warm weather and dan's final Final Exam celebration. hoorah, hoorah. have a troop with you? check out the group scoop feature, invitation included.

can't get better than a datenight with my boy, bond and baskins.


Em said...

mart. im there.

little special said...

it's times like these i really wish i lived in the states!

thanks for your sweet comment the other day + have a great night!


Robin said...

Oooh...I missed the Ben & Jerry's so I will have to make it to this one. Thanks for the news.

anna jo said...

ahh, man! we totally hit up the 31 Flavors last night for our Young Women's treat! we were a day too early, blast!!! thanks for the info, though. I'll have to go get me another scoop, this time with peter!

sunny said...

too bad I there's no baskin robbins near me. they have some good stuff!

does this "jim who is single" have a blog or website?

just askin', ya know, doin' a little research, overdoin' the ' bit.

Blue House Mom said...

I'm totally going tonight. So glad I checked this blog. Thanks!

ali said...

Ah, man. I wish I had a Jim to teach me the html keys to the cent sign!

Hope you enjoyed your favorite 31 flavor.

Marty: said...

I want to know the cent sign, too. Does Jim give classes?

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