18 May 2007

cocoa whirl : cupcake girl

m & j came by a for a viewing of The Office finale (which did not disappoint). i opened the door to discover her carrying a plate of the cutest cupcakes i've ever seen!! it was so fun to see the happy couple. mallory was a sweetheart to share these most delicious sweets with us. i, in turn had to {virtually} share them here. honestly, they are spectacular. the process looks a tad intensive, but with incredible results. the whirled dark chocolate shell covers a soft frosting of marshmallow consistency, all on top of a chocolate cupcake. {ooey gooey goodness.} they originated with none other than miss martha. and they have a cute name too, Hi-Hat Cupcakes.

thanks again you two. you've raised the bar for my cupcake fetish.


jamieanne said...

I've had these before. They were pretty tasty.

ruthie said...

how lucky!! they look SO yummy!!!!

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