24 May 2007

express yourself

i feel like i should have a stationery blog, devoted purely to all the lovelies i find out there that are just waiting for a fine point pen and a 41¢ stamp. i have come across so many enveloped betties because of this national stationery show everyone keeps posting about. boy, i wish someone would explain to me how i get on that guest list. a favorite blog of mine Hostess has gathered a whole slew of beauts under one roof, last week was stationery week. wonderful idea! i was salivating. simply amazing stuff out there. cheers to the love for the letter. although we have blogs, email, cell phones, etc. i feel 'happy as a lark' to know that the art of the handwritten card is not dead, but living and thriving. i'll continue to post about my favorite creative cards that i spot online. here's another..

i like the simplicity of these la familia sketched cards. and that origami papered cake is stunning. the way they set up these photoshoots are hilarious. i love the cupcake and sandwich backdrops. brilliant! who doesn't love snacking while reading a love letter!?


Melissa said...

Thank you so much for all the fun new links! I vow to go to NSS next year. It was frustrating because I was actually IN nyc this weekend, but I was already booked up. Next year, next year.

love.boxes said...


Anonymous said...

You use fine points.
Enough said.
I'll love you forever.

I have stationery upon stationery I can never use or give away. It is my vice ... buying beauties that I can hardly send.

I'd have to remortgage my home to go to a Stationery show.

alyson. said...

I too have pondered the idea of starting a stationary only blog...but I just can't tear myself away from everything else I love!
btw, I'm working on some cards of my own that should be printed up next week!! I'm excited. :)

Travelin'Oma said...

The birthday card is so cool!

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