30 May 2007

surprising invitations

we waited. we wondered. we went. we wanted. we wandered. we wished...

we did the ikea experience. {at the end of that mind boggling maze they should sell bright yellow tees, emblazoned with, i conquered ikea across the chest.} i had once thought dan had had his fill (after living only a few blocks away from the beloved store in the OC) i thought he might never step foot in that place again. yet he surprised me. a perfect {random} surprise date night which consisted of:

• enjoying orange chicken, ham fried rice & pad Thai noodles at one of those cute hole in the wall places that specialize in neither Japanese, Vietnamese nor Chinese cuisine, but a strange and delicious combination of all three.

• browsing through Sam Weller's bookstore. the best in town. {finding the little miss series of books made me jump inside with joy. i thought about buying them for the new tiny twin nieces, though i decided against it. cute, yet completely impractical knowing they are the type of little storybook you dread when a toddler toddles over with one in hand, because they have way too many words for one page. perhaps a better gift idea for a little miss chatterbox who just graduated.}

• strolling through ikea, spending a fabulous celebratory $10 stipend. {jam packed full of cutesy, stylin' young moms who were either a.) pregnant or b.) had child(ren) in tow. the floors gleamed, cafeteria still crowded, parking lot surprisingly sparse.. i loved it - open, airy and cheap things all about.}

• we capped the night off with a sweet midnight treat at Dee's, sitting by old friends, having good laughs and a very strange waiter. it was a classic Dee's experience which is exactly what we were craving.

sidenote: i wish i had found this amongst dusty maps and wooden coat racks at a flea market rather than on the walls of ikea. i just couldn't buy it. it's the snob in me. i don't think i can get over the fact that hundreds of walls in hundreds of homes are donning the exact Audrey canvas. though it really would be the perfect accent for my {future} powder room/walk in closet. wallpapered in a wide, fancy black n' white vertical striped paper, this room will be posh & pretty. a perfect place to doll up, relax, read or try on pairs of shoes that will be stacked in boxes way up to the ceiling. perhaps i will become one of those ladies that 'just can't decide' and must buy a dozen new shoes in the quest to find thee shoe.. while never getting around to actually taking the others back. a cushy black n' white toile armchair will sit in the corner and a glossy black coffee table for my pedicured feet. pink budding peonies will be delivered on demand for this very room. inevitably, the lush carpet will be strewn with magazines (which i have dog-earred for ideas on which designer to choose for my next party frock). do normal people really live like this?

for now, she {she being miss Audrey} would be a tad out of place in my my-husband-is-a-law-school-student digs. someday.. i'll talk myself into joining the masses and invite audrey to join me in my parlor for pink n' white checkered chocolates, made exclusively at the chocolatiers down the cobblestoned block. in honor of her surprise arrival, of course.


Connie said...

i know what you mean about the Audrey Ikea print. they seem to bastardize all to often what is good in thie world... unfortunately being cheap i do covet some of their things... oh the vicious cycle

Travelin'Oma said...

I want to stay over in your walk-in-closet. There should be a fainting couch for guests.

love.boxes said...

I love Audrey too! Instead of the picture from Ikea, might I suggest a movie insert. They are a cool shape 14X36 I believe and it is possible to find originals on Ebay and a few other places. I purchased an origianal from my favorite Audrey film... How to Steal a Million with Mr. dreamy blue eyes Peter.

Ann said...

I love that print as well! I also can't imagine buying it somewhere that it's mass-produced in...so I've made it a goal to screenprint my own over the summer :)

Jake said...

yes, I thought of you when I saw that print...but wouldn't you hate having it up and someone saying, "Yeah I got that at IKEA too...$12.99 right?!"

jamieanne said...

Hate to be the voice of dissent here, but Miss Audrey has been keeping me company in my place for round about a year now, and I absolutely, positively, hands down la la la love it!
I'm not too good for anything. If I like it, I have no shame in buying it and making it my own. I don't care where it came from.

summer said...

oh those little miss books- how I miss them!
they are the best.

your fantastic powder room is a perfect dream!
my favorite aspect is the fresh supply of pink peonies.

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