31 May 2007

to do

eat leftover curry. mm. (dan makes the best curry.)
take back movies. (goodbye indiana jones.)
fold laundry.
take little ones for a picnic in the park. (don't forget the playdoh.)
hold two tiny babes.
email darling photos to you and you. (look, we're famous.)
finish book. go to bookclub. (be intellectual.)
hang newly acquired ikea magazine racks.
package up mini mart goods, send goods, be good.
train for 10k mud run. (be a powerhouse.)
make ultimate packing list for vacation to phili. (hip, hip..)
buy cinnamon bears & other only-found-in-utah items for my sister.
empty memory card. charge camera. charge phone. charge ipod.
make final attempt to find cute, cheap one-piece.
send vacation goodies to partner for Free People swap.
sign up for kelly's favorite things swap.
enjoy strawberry shakes from dan's rad blender.
go to library and find fabulous summer paperback for airplane.

my way of therapy comes in list form. only three days from now i'll be at my home away from home in pennsylvania. i can hardly wait.


I'm A said...

Busy busy girl! I am excited to meet you at book club. What fun fun fun! And, I am extremely jealous of your upcoming vacation.

sulu-design said...

Good luck in that 10k - sounds so fun! I wouldn't know what to do without my lists, either.

jamieanne said...

Hip, hip...for 15 seconds of fame!

Jake said...

can't wait to have you here!

Travelin'Oma said...

The m.life sounds busy and fun and you're doing good things for everyone!

Katrine said...

Hey, while you're shipping off Utah food to your sister, would you mind sending me some fry sauce? They don't have it where I am! Thanks! LOL

summer said...

lovely list, marta!

your cinnamon bears have got me all curious.
are they gummy cinnamon bears?
if so, then I must find some.

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