13 June 2007

draw a direction

speaking of creativity, i've fallen in love with so many spectacularly artsy blogs as of late. you must check them out. it will make you want to pull out your oil paints and actually squeeze the colors onto a platter (or in my case a plastic cutting board) and wipe your brush around in motion. these are purely delightful.

mattias inks
danny gregory
stef sketches
today's inspiration
sugar frosted goodness
i like the cookie

i marvel at this new-to-me artist, mattias. his fantasy cities are incredible. the details amaze me. i would like to have the chance to see through his eyes on my next trip to Europe.

with a mind like this, the thought of jumping into a whole new world doesn't seem so impossible. wherever you are, i think you are brilliantly imaginative mr. mattias. you have the kind of artistic style that i love.. loose and free yet completely comprehensive and complex. i want to write you a letter to gush (and perhaps brighten your day) and tell you never to stop your dreamlike drawings.


Travelin'Oma said...

You find such great web sites for me to visit! Thanks for the suggestions.

Mattias Adolfsson said...

Thanks for mentioning me, I'm honored

Anonymous said...

he's so awesome! (mattias)

Unknown said...

Thanks for mentioning me too Marta, I really appreciate it, very kind of you.

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