26 June 2007

a thousand thanks

here are a few of her favorite things...

jennifer has sent me a wondrous package full of surprises. i am a swapping fool and i love kelly's idea of delivering favorite items through the mail. {who wouldn't want to share what they love most to a fellow blogger?} jen packaged it so carefully in sweet polka dot papers and cellophane pouches, carefully labeled. the box was overflowing with sweets, from Sprinkles lemon cupcake mix to tiny chocolates to a beautifully letterpressed notebook to lovely laundry soap & cute raffle tickets. so clever & creative. i also enjoyed seeing a sally shim original card up close. thank you jen, i love what you love! you n' i share favorites.

jen, here is a peek of what the mailman is delivering to your house! hope you take a liking to my favorites as much as i fancied yours.

and another bitty surprise package came to my door...

i received yet another unexpected & exciting package. {when it rains it pours!} a little thank you from fellow blogger Nikole. what a sweetie you are. i love the lemongrass soap, the beautiful paperedtogether card & of course the rad stamps that accompanied it all the way from Canada. what a lovely way to begin my week.


maggienikole said...

oh so glad you like it.
thank you again!
those stamps are amazing aren't they.
i just love them.
anyway, have a great week!
and ps your swap package above looks so fun!

Krista said...

i am curious about the "make em yourself" sprinkles cupcake mix. i'd love to know how they turn out.

love.boxes said...

ditto Krista..

and.. that is a very cute package and so fun of Kelly to host that swap! very fun! :)

Caroline said...

Such cute stuff!... you're a lucky gal!

cheeky said...

I think I may be repeatng myself, but I am so glad I found your blog. I *heart* your style. It's so fun and creative.
I too love the swaps.
What great goodies you received.
I especially like the wrapping you chose for your parcel. Colours are yummy.

DAN said...

Don't worry everyone, I'll let you know how the cupcakes turn out. After all, I'm quite the cupcake connoisseur. My favorite are the ones Marta makes from scratch using the recipe she got from Jamie.

Anonymous said...

Those are some great goodies. I think you've convinced me to try a swap.

Kelly said...

what a lucky girl! and yum yum for the cupcakes... sound tasty!

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