12 July 2007

anthology of sketches

i want to begin a collection of creativity. books to grab off the shelf in hurried need of inspiration. i'd peek into a world outside my own; colliding colors & words on the page. i may just pick start with this cluster of unbelievable round - the - world sketchbooks.

i recently flipped through them while browsing in my parents' favorite bookshop in nyc. Rizzoli (on 57th Street just off 5th Ave) is spilling over with beautiful books. this library emits the most quintessential atmosphere a bookshop could ever have. i would have liked to go there on a 6th grade field trip for one of those read-a-thons we were always having. this is a definite stop for the classic bookworm, especially if you're on the hunt for unique coffee table books. this place is brimming with them!

down the block a ways is ever-loveliest Kate's Paperie. wherein you can pick up this, this, a few of these, and a dozen of these. i would love to color coordinate, filing all my paper into these beauties.

two shops (to die for) within a couple blocks. ooh, yes, i heart new york!


jamieanne said...

Me too! Me too! Let me know if I can bring any precious lovelies back to the Great Basin for you.

Marty: said...

Beautiful images! I love NY, too.

laurie said...

yes, i think i found that shop on one of my trips to NYC. it was such an old fashion book store. made me think of the book shop in the audrey hepburn movie, funny face. have you seen that?
anyway, i found this yummy little cafe for lunch across the street. the next year i went back with my daughter and the cafe was closed, i hope just for remodel but we went again to the book shop.

Robin said...

That bookstore looks wonderful! I love old bookshops like that so much. One of my faves was the Good Times Bookshop in Port Jefferson, Long Island - where I bought a leather-bound Nicholas Nickleby and a pocket-size plaid book of Robert Burns' poetry.

Rachel said...

I have always want to go to Rizzoli's - hopefully next time while in nyc - looks so great. The world sketchbooks is a great idea -go for it! Kate's Paperie holds a special place in my heart, just beautiful, (sigh) I wish I was there right now.

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