22 July 2007

a pretty picturesque place

{ o d e 2 s u n v a l l e y }

the week long vaca was dreamy to say the least. ooh, i have so much to spill about. i hope to find the time to post all the details. {knowing me, i'll make time to la blog} am hoping for many inspiring moments this week and some empty space to let the artistic vibes have room, flow and do their magic. so much to catch up on {in life, in blogland, at work, in my studio. this is a good kind of hurried excitement. found so many knock-me over ideas while away, i want to fill the nooks and the crannies... and manage to actually start them before i turn into an artsy idle, slothful slug. that's the plan anyway.} am thinking i need a giant art pad to-do list.


Stie: My Favorite Things said...

Welcome back...your blog fodder was missed!

joslyn said...

the pictures make me think i need a sun valley fix soon.

love.boxes said...

One of the loveliest places ever... love the pictures! Daisies are my favorite!

Sharmyn said...
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