26 July 2007

darling details

discovered these itty bitty bibs + onesies over at Savoring the Details and thought of my two new itty bitty nieces. i knew they who would literally drool over a matching set of their own! i contacted her via blog and ended up with a pair of handmade onesies and matching bibs of my own. they are so tiny, so precious and oh so delightful. she added two personalized gift cards too, not to mention the adorable packaging. i could not have been more pleased with her phenomenal talent, speed and kindness.

her shop is called polkadot & plaid and word is, she'll be opening up an Etsy store soon, i hope. thanks, melissa. you know i love them and i hope you'll still be stitching for my future little ones!


meg said...

those are so so sweet.

melissa deakin said...

you are just the sweetest thing.
thank you for this kind post.
i am so happy we found each other via blogland.
thanks so much for the sweet words.

Mer said...

Hi Marta!! I am glad you found my blog. Thanks for your kind words, you are so sweet. I have often thought about you and what you are up to. Those little onesies are so cute, makes me wish I had a girl. I love your blog too, you are so creative and fun! I get jealous of people like you who are so talented! haha

kat said...

oh Melissa is so so talented. I saw these on her blog too... makes me wish I had a baby to buy for! Lucky you :)

love.boxes said...

Darling! I love these!

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