05 July 2007

mama in law

a shout out to shanna, glorious birthday wishes to you.

ten things that i love so much about you.
01. your stacks of lavender scented country linens.
02. the way your basket collection hangs from the ceiling.
03. your love for simple things {ie. icy drinks (lemonade with mint), eating on the patio (serving us omelettes or fixing your famous fragrant salads with homemade dressing), learning about others (personally & worldwide, cultures & history), spending time together (praising, comforting, chatting & laughing)...}
04. you see the best in people & always hope for the best too.
05. your clean, classic sense of style. and your laundry room wallpaper.
06. the kindness in your eyes, the intentions of your heart.
07. the way you always tell me how handsome your own sons are.
08. your stacks of saved letters tied up with ribbon, stored in beautiful boxes.
09. the fact that you are resourceful, cheerful, and always make do with what you have. you do better than simply make do, you are an artiste when it comes to making the most of what you've got. you make beautiful things out of nothing. (a tasty cake with few ingredients, abundant centerpieces with simple garden flowers, eventful outings without a plan, happy memories on the porch, lavish gifts from the heart..)
10. you possess every lovely virtue yet still push yourself a li'l more.

i loved going to france with you, seeing all the wonders you have come to know so well. i enjoyed your famous picnic of bread and cheese under the arc de triomphe. {that should be another favorite thing, the way you pack picnics. especially on the day dan asked me to marry him. how sweet of you to lend your expertise. it may have been the gourmet goods wrapped in provence napkins that won me over.}

japan too was wonderful to experience together. you were so brave to try all sorts of curry, sushi & wheat tea to be a better-than-good sport. we carried our clear, plastic umbrellas and pranced in puddles to see the bonsai displays, the gorgeous temples. we survived the smushing, i've-never-been-this-close-to-a-complete-stranger-in-my-life-closeness on the trains with the masses of commuters. i'll never forget the way you & i laughed when attempting to converse in Japanese/English to purchase those sweet tulip-shaped rice bowls within our dream world of a place, the kitchen district, kappabashi. {"okay, so that would make these 10 cents each!?"}

i've come to know & appreciate all that you are. to a dear, sweet friend : happiest of days to you. much love and excitement for our many more days together.


Travelin'Oma said...

When I was a young mom I looked up to Shanna as my ideal. It's so fun to share kids with such a fabulous mother!

jamieanne said...

What a wondrous and lovely lady Sha-na-na is. Cheers to her on this hap-hap-happiest of days!

Christie said...

Does she want to adopt me? She sounds fantastic. And with such a great son...you couldn't ask for more.

Anonymous said...

you are a lucky girl. and i think she is lucky her son found you.

Anonymous said...

sounds as though you are lucky like me..a wonderful mama- in- law is a blessing indeed! (oh, and your treat is in the mail!Enjoy!)

Jake said...

she is so sweet...but as mother of boys, i know her greatest gift is having a wonderful girl marry and take care of her son!

Buby + Bleu said...

wow, your mama in law sounds amazing. you're a good match, so you were probs destined to meet.

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