06 July 2007

pledge to the cupcake

cute, sweet, itty bitty, bite sized jamie anne & ali introduced these absolute favorites to me at a wedding shower they threw in our honor, oh some many moons ago. i can remember them describing the tedious endeavor, but they knew i'd appreciate their efforts. and boy, did i. i'd never tasted anything so heavenly, fluffy, light & luscious, and i've never recovered. lucky for me, they shared the official recipe, a homemade version of the famous Magnolia Vanilla Cupcake. i must admit, i've not quite perfected it, as they did for that delightfully whimsical soirée, but a girl's gotta have a dream..

someday i hope to sit on that bench in front of the bakery with a dear friend and indulge in the real thing.. for now my patriotic substitute will keep me satisfied.

please note: the hue for the blue frosting was inspired by my bottled muse, spring mountain scent Dawn dish washing soap. (the one reason i haven't yet killed over from not owning a dishwasher.)

ps. a glimpse at the curly girl who perhaps played a lead role in striking the match, lighting the torch & blazin' the way for this cupcake craze. {thank you, miss carrie, cupcake queen.}

pps. a glimpse at the artistic & delicious expression of giving the girls their swirls.


joslyn said...

love the color of the frosting. all so charming!

Marty: said...

Thanks so much for sharing some! Delicious!

Kris said...

Wow, that You Tube link is amazing. They make it look so easy.

Dansie Family said...

i tried to convince my sister that we needed to do cupcakes at my parents 50th wedding anniversary. unfortunately, i failed. i need her to taste and see yours so she can see how fun cupcakes are. to her they are only for her kids birthday parties. oh well, i guess we'll settle for chocolate meringues with whipped cream and fresh berries.

love.boxes said...

The funnest ever 4th of July cupcakes. Love the pictures!

Quelly said...

So Miss Marta -- I have a question. I tried the recipe and mine turned out very dry - I suspect that I over beat them. Do you have any tips and/or tricks to make the perfect Magnolia bakery vanilla cupcake?

marta said...

hi quelly, i have had one too many baking disasters in my very own kitchen. and with my perfectionist persona, it's hard to enjoy it, if the 'cookie ain't cute'!

this recipe has usually been good for me. i attempt to follow the directions, whipping the batter in proper increments, etc. the only thing i may do different is throw in a second splash of vanilla. which i continue to do in all my recipes. i just can't get enough of that luscious stuff, it's for good luck.

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