23 August 2007

candyland christmas on my doorstep.

christmas came yesterday. wrapped in a thousand ribbons. (which i have saved. as dan would say, it's a resource.) hip hooray, i won a loveboxes contest and loved the packaging so much i could hardly open it. i do hold such appreciation for a well dressed gift. i finally opened it up to see sweets of all kinds. i especially love the handmade love box that tiffany created. the christmas box has itty bitty wonderful details. i can't imagine how tiny her elves must be to paint such fine polka dots! for spring, i love this lovebox covered with daisies. more personal touches inside the box too. wow.. what a heartfelt gift. thank you, thank you.

speaking of candyland, remember that post awhile back that launched a thousand marshmallow peeps? the wedding was stunning and spectacular, a classic celebration with personalized details and thoughtful designs. lane was a most enchanting bride (with the most beautiful, unique vintage-styled gown) and ali snapped some sweet shots. (i hoped they would take a photo like this one.) take a peep, i mean, a peek.


ali said...

If beloved Betsey Johnson were ever to bundle up a gift, I think it would look quite like this one.

Loads of texture and color equals adorable.

Tip Junkie said...

Yeah. Congrats on winning the contest. That really is such a lovely wrapped gift. I do remember the peeps post. Very cool, thanks for the update.

Amy said...

Ooh. That's how I felt when I recieved my m.tags from you. Thank you!

love.boxes said...

Thanks Marta! I'm so glad that you liked it. :) I love peeps.. I didn't know they could look so elegant though... really lovely. I loved the new lime color they had this year.

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