01 August 2007

fact: m. writes lists

as if my blog doesn't pin my wings down for the microscope already. i've decided to play along and be it as they say. jane from the speckled egg tagged me. (and according to her bio, it seems we are kindred spirits.) play along if you please. here goes. 8 random things.

01. i love predicting the ends of movies, books, etc. i even like to peoplewatch and lean over to dan and say, okay, this is their second date and he digs her, but she's not sure about him. she plays soccer and he practices with his band in a loft above the garage. she'll soon realize she is more beautiful than she knows and he will realize that he needs to go solo.. in my second life i'd like to be a detective. {and whit, you'll be my spy sidekick.}

02. i read magazines back to front. and then front to back.

03. we own a crappy tv. i don't have tivo. i don't even have cable. i rely heavily on the dvd collection at the local library to keep me updated (and entertained).

04. speaking of which, i love libraries. their whole persona says 'wholesome' to me. sharing books, words, ideas.. is there a more perfect idea out there? i love it. any city, any town, you can count on it. it's as martha would say, a very good thing about life. libraries are one of those staples that will stay constant til our wee great grandchildren are born. that is when you know something is a glorious idea. it stands still for generations.

05. i was ten when i was in my first play. a broadway baby. i took acting lessons from a drama genius. i used to make drafts of my autobiography (short and sweet and in third person. i'd throw in a little inside joke too. you know, for the cast members.) i kept hoping a director would ask for it. the most i got was girl #4......... marta. Fiddler on the Roof, Mikado, Annie Get your Gun, Grease, and Pippin were a few of my big productions. my mom sat in the audience every night.
06. one of my favorite things is to sing around the campfire with my sisters. they let me really belt it out, Bernadette style. we do all kinds of renditions & descants. you should hear us. we're pretty unbelievable.

07. i love juicy black pilot pens. i know i've blogged about them before, but i can't stress it enough. i enjoy pens. in school i doodled in between the thin spiral-bound rungs of my notebooks. i drew patterns and stars. i still doodle, but mostly just words. a favorite word i always find myself writing is, people. strange but true. my pen just wants to write it. it flows.

08. i am good at spelling, bad at math.

09. i live for random lists like these. {you can tell a lot about a person by what they wear on their feet and what they have on their grocery list.}


Ann said...

I do the same thing with making up lives for people, and relying heavily on TV on DVD -- and I have an overwhelming affinity with the library! Agreed about the lists & people.

Anonymous said...

I don't have a TV, I rely on You Tube:)I love the silence without a TV. I love libraries too. This is a good reminder for me to frequent them more often. I love your list. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

you crack me up.
love this list.
love so many
of the same things.
i need to find
your post about your favorite pen.
i LOVE pens too.
like you, i doodle now, but it is to experiment with my handwriting.
thanks for sharing!

Unknown said...

that was a lot of fun! thanks for the share.

Sarah said...

I think I would really like to work in a library! Except now a lot of libraries here have cafes in them and while I love a good hot chocolate whilst I am reading, I also like peace and quiet. Isn't that what libraries are about? No baby groups please!
Cute list.

donna said...

Love your list!

I like making up life stories for people based on what's in their grocery basket at the supermarket.

Robin said...

I like it!
Yes, I agree about libraries, that's why I'm making it my career.
And I really loved your people-watching story on the first fact!

Kristin said...

So never really met, exchanged some words over the cyber chasm but always inspired and renewed when I visit your blog :)

Jane said...

thanks for playing! i must check out this juicy black pilot pen ..... really enjoy reading your blog, marta.

:) jane

Travelin'Oma said...

Something else you don't know about m. She's played a mannequin.

Jake said...

Also, she makes great cookies!

love.boxes said...

I like to read magazines that way as well. I think it's because I'm left handed.

Unknown said...

Nice! Nothing like a smooth black pen. (And a nice smelly marker!) :)

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