13 August 2007

get a life. get ilife.

this past weekend iuploaded ilife. thanks to my brother pete who picked up the family pack and let me play along. iplayed with iphoto into the wee morning; labeling, editing, categorizing, and remembering. ieven avoided folding the laundry for the sake of archiving & updating family history. icreated a slideshow of our california adventure (it's been a year since we moved home) and igot quite nostalgic over the whole thing. simply put, iheart iphoto. {for those of you with a pc, ihighly recommend Picasa2 for storing photos. iparticularly like the user friendly layout and fonts within that program.} iwill be sharing a few favorites that have been discovered from the dusty old iphoto. pictures, welcome to a whole new world. iespecially love the events feature, "Each Event appears as a stack of photos, which makes finding images much easier."

ihave albums twirling in my head, so many iwant to create. this has definitely cured my hankering for running out to spend my wad on this. perhaps ican pray to santa for that one.


Keepers of the Karate Kitty Secrets said...

Yahoo for iLife! I'm a Mac/iLife newbie and love it. I'm also still addicted to Picasa and PC. So many choices and so many projects.

McKay said...

it stands for sea world, cool blog

sunny said...

I meant to comment yesterday. I had just browsed the apple store (online) and was wondering if iLife was a good purchase or not. Your posting confirmed that indeed, this former PC owner is craving a mac and will purchase iLife! I can't wait to buy a mac!

anna jo said...

hooray for ilife and hurry for the family pack! I'm glad you could benefit from the purchase too! :)

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