27 August 2007

mighty m.

my name: marta.
four words: marvel. mighty. maybe. mine.
state/city: maine / manhattan.
boy name: max.
girl name: meg.
occupation: mom.
something found in a kitchen: masher. macaroni. meat.
something you shout: moshpit! marvelous!
something you look for in a guy/girl: magnetism.
something that is in your room: maps. makeup. matchbooks. magazines.
place to shop at: market.
name a band/artist: milli vanilli / madonna.

via alyson.


alyson. said...


and wow, magnetism. love that word. I will have to add that to my "list of words I like alot".

Bridget said...

What a cute idea. Love it. And I have a sister named Meg. Always wished it were me.

Travelin'Oma said...

Love the whole M thing.

Anonymous said...

Two words: Milli Vanilli ROCKS . Moreover, they are lyrical geniuses. Consider, for example, the following:

MV: You really mean a lot to me.
GIRL: I really mean that much to you?
MV: Girl, you know it's true. Uh, uh, uh, I love you.

Such imagery. Such imagery. Such passion. Such awesome pants.

Sarah said...

Magical! Alyson inspired me too.
Hey Dan forgot about Milli Vanilli's hair. Surely hairdo's that go down in the history of hair...

Jake said...

most magnificent!!

love.boxes said...

dan is funny. :) I have a stamp just like that. I love it. And, I have a nephew named Max and I love him.. he got a new brother about 1 1/2 years ago and he said recently.."why did we get this baby.. he hits me?" Unfortunately, you can't send them back when they are defective that way Maxo.

laina kay said...

love this! i think i'll try one, too!

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