10 August 2007

lunch bunch in the plaza

this is why i love working downtown.


lane said...

Isn't it funny how much architecture can effect your mood/quality of life? A lot of it has to do with light--these pics capture the light perfectly on some of these structures.

Great photos, Marta!

love.boxes said...

I can recognize all those place except the top left.. still thinking. I love SLC so much too, but I am glad that I don't live right in the middle of it anymore, but I did enjoy walking everywhere when I did live there.

When I was little there was this most marvelous place that I used to go with my mom. Do you remember The Yardstick (it was on 2nd or 3rd south). I loved going there. My mom always bought me a pretty new hair ribbon.

dancin queen said...

Those are awesome pictures!

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