14 August 2007

push pause

am taking a small hiatus for a week or so.
am hoping to get a lot done. with weddings and friends and work packed into my planner, i have to give la blogging a li'l rest. dan is even headed back to school next week (next week!) and i can hardly believe he is beginning his last year. hooray, hooray. the real merriment will begin next summer after the Bar Exam is over (and i pick him up with a flower in my windblown hair, bags packed in the trunk, and we jet off to an exotic island off the coast of somewhere amazing).

am excited to be working on custom orders this month. including a special Quote Journal translated into Spanish, which will be a nice addition to the collection since everything is more poetic when written in a foreign language! will be working out some mini booklet designs for the shop and am also creating another guest book {this one is super cute & square shaped} for a gorgeous bride whom i once ventured to nyc with. {will never forget her love for the blue man. she even requested one of them to kiss a marshmallow on the way out of the off-broadway theater. alana holding a marshmallow stained with a blue kiss is a favorite memory of mine.} and don't worry, the swap partnerships have been emailed (if you have not received any such email, please contact me). your creative ideas for the exchange surely are rolling by now.

oh, and a mural sized Foreign Luggage Tag Collection collage for my folks {one i'm truly excited about and sadly has spent way too much time on the back burner}. yes, a much needed hiatus is in order. wish me luck.

this photo was taken a few years ago while on a train in Japan. every break we got, i wrote my little heart out, in hopes i'd remember the details so well, i could eventually draw pictures of the luscious sights we saw. {note the clear plastic umbrella laying by my side. we purchased it in a shop on a twisty cobblestone road on a rainy trek up to see another amazing Buddhist temple, the Kiyomizu-dera Temple in Kyoto. i love umbrellas + i love rain and those are constants in Japan. everyone has an umbrella and every little shop has a handy umbrella stand near the door, always thinking of ways to make others comfortable.} the khaki rucksack on my lap has been all over the world with me. it carries maps, notebooks, chapstick, stamps, pens, water bottles, passports and postcards. it's practically perfect. i may as well be dora.

hi•a•tus: [hahy-ey-tuhs]
1. a gap or interruption in space, time; a break

2. a pause in the continuity of work, series, or action


Quelly said...

Oh Marta -- you will be missed. Don't be gone too long and have a wonderful break. I can't wait to read about your adventures and view all of the fabulous pictures that I am sure will be taken.


Caroline said...

I'm so excited for the swap! I already have my package finds ready to go... well almost!

This was a really fun swap to shop for!

Have a fun Break!

Dancin Queen said...

Have a great hiatus!

I'm looking forward to the swap. I hope mine isn't stupid.

Kal said...

Hey - I love YOUR blog! Love how the world works and I LOVE that I stumbled onto you because you stumbled onto ME!

(And you won a LoveLife book - so please send me your address!)

EliseBlaha said...

finally we know the source of your cool blog photo!!
love it.

Tip Junkie said...

Enjoy your hiatus. It looks like you have a lot planned and will be very productive. It's nice to see the entire photo. I'll see it differently now that I know you're in Japan in the pic.

Summers Camp said...

Oh the joys of law school. I've lost my hub a week early due to the Patent Bar coming up... at least we made it through the first year. Good luck with the last one (and the Bar times)! *B

kaitlin said...

Oh, law school...bah! (I graduated in May and finished the bar...oh, what, 2 weeks ago now?). BAH!

Have a fabulous and terrific time on your break - you will surely be missed, but it sounds like you've got a lot going on. Can't wait to see pics, etc when you return!

alyson. said...

miss Marta, how I've missed reading your blog! I'm finally settled in Portland and I absolutely love it. the drive was long. but the memories are great.
I have to admit, I'm a little sad I missed out on the sign up for your newest swap, I'm sure it'll be a hit. but with how busy I'll be, I'll be glad if I make time to blog. :)

Marty: said...

I know your hiatus will be full of creativity. You deserve a tiny va-ca from your public!

leslie said...

aw, and i just found you! have a lovely beak, looking forward to reading more when you get back : )

meg said...

have a lovely week. you'll be missed for sure! megxx

jamieanne said...

Good for you Miss Marta. Sometimes a break is just what the doctor ordered.

gab said...

enjoy your break, sis...but gimme a call!

SmilynStef said...

Hope you have a refreshing and productive hiatus ... enjoy.

seattlegirl said...

Enjoy your time. I'll look forward to your return.

maggienikole said...

just thought i'd say hello.
oh and such a lovely post.

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