21 September 2007

dear diary

this week,

i love the smell of:
old pages in books lined up in the basement of my favorite bookstore. scored a mammoth german dictionary for two dollars.

i love the sound of: little nieces chattering over a dinner of mac + cheese, planning what to play before bedtime. reminded me of the days when all you really had to say was, 'okay, my name's julie and i'm fifteen. let's pretend we're orphans and you're my twin sister...' imagination is everything.

i love the taste of:
sliced pears + cottage cheese in a tiny bowl. will never grow old of that classic after school snack combination. {yeah, even though i come home from work close to dinner time and i am actually not enrolled in school, i still come home and rifle through the cupboards for an 'after school snack.'} speaking of which, have you tried cookies with a milk-filled ramekin {referred to as ramees in our house} instead of a tall glass?! try it. no knuckle smashing. just purely delicious dunked cookies.

i love the sight of: familiar strangers. at approximately eight-fifteen each work day morning, the sun filters through the city buildings and a familiar group of strangers cross the cross walk simultaneously. i especially enjoy seeing my pixie friend with vintage attire and choppy platinum locks. there is also a peculiar man who smokes a cigar and wears a white fedora. every day.

i love the feel of: opening a few early birthday presents. last night dan and i watched this while he built this for my studio. oh how i adore miss reese. am practicing so we'll be able to sing Jackson just like johnny + june at the next karaoke party.


Jacinta said...

I love your description of familliar strangers. This is so true. The sort of people you see regularly in the same place - that catch your eye, that you miss when they aren't there

... and then, if you happen to see them in a different location, you think you MUST know them, but you can't quite remember their name... or is that just me? Strange I know.

Unknown said...

how very happy am i to have your milk-in-ramekin trick up my sleeve. pure genius. it's best i try it out right away! ;)

Dansie Family said...

Dear Marta-

Did Dan really "build" the drawer set, or was it more like "assemble"? Either way, it looks like a fun present.


Anonymous said...

Thos -

Some of those IKEA products can be deceptively difficult to "assemble." In any event, you'll have to give me a break. Until I have a garage and power tools, it's the best I can do.

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