14 September 2007

dear diary

i love the smell of: a clean kitchen.
i love the sound of: emails as i read them aloud in my mind. voices from new friends which i only know their words in my own mouth. sweet words traveling across the globe. merci.
i love the taste of: cinnamon toast crunch.
i love the sight of: laughter. terry bradshaw on jay leno. made me laugh out loud. i loved seeing him caught off guard, totally embarrassed and laugh his head off with his old pal jay. it was true bliss to see a grown football man curl up and laugh and laugh.
i love the feel of: anticipating a party to celebrate a new little one. making lemon cupcakes. spreading craft supplies around the house while being engaged in creating bits & pieces for our upcoming boutique.


Amy said...

oh marta. your words always enlighten my soul. la la love the shower announcement. always so brilliant.

ashlynn said...

I love that you do this as well & love the invite.

Marie said...

Ooo, I love cinnamon toast crunch.

Also We have the Valentiners in common. I was just at lunch with Christianne and she said that your hubbies are best buds. Small world, too fun!!

gab said...

love the invites...hope the shower was a success!!

Catherine said...

I love the way you described the emails, that's so true, someone else's words and thoughts in your voice...one of the best things I think.

melissa deakin said...

i love reading your entries.
you have such a beautiful way with words.
my mom was telling me about the terry bradshaw incident...i need to see if it is on youtube.
hope you are having a great weekend!

Jessica said...

Your dear diaries are so charming! Thanks for always making me smile with your sweet posts and for sharing your adorable work. Love the invite!

Gramafolly said...

Everything you lay your hands on becomes instantly classy. The shower was a great success because all you classy cousins helped make it so.

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