28 September 2007

dear diary

this week,

i love the smell of: gorgeous green flowers. beautifully wrapped up in a crate with sweet bottle vases; which i plan on saving to use again and again. perhaps twinkling with tealights strung on branches for my future daughter's wedding night. then again, i'm not really planning that or anything. {merci.}

i love the sound of: chit chat. vampire parties. {long live edward & bella.} i only got halfway through the first book, luckily i was very well informed of what's to come at bookclub. we even made vial of blood necklaces thanks to her. very vampire chic. yeah, they have upped the ante at bookclub. october is my month and i'm pulling out an old favorite. {read along if you wish.}

i love the taste of:
Grilled Cedar Plank Wild Salmon. honey shrimp. lettuce wraps. heidi's homemade chili. decadence, the flourless chocolate kind {it tastes even better when your name is written in cursive icing on the top}.

i love the sight of: stamps + envelopes addressed to moi. shocked by this amazing view. smiling faces. a wooden box full of cellophane bags, ribbons & tags (am getting a jump on packaging my goods for the upcoming boutique).

i love the feel of: surprises. being together. chatting with my sister like we're back on the daybed in our old room with the blue ribbon wallpaper, but really she's across the country putting her kids to bed while i am just starting dinner. i love that we can talk like nothing (+ everything) has changed. her easy laughter makes me glad. enjoying the full moon on another midnight walk with dan (am having to wear my scarf now).

happy weekend.

1 comment:

Jake said...

I love talking to you, too! Love to read your writing...it's different than having a conversation. So glad we can do both!

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